Makerspaces are often the backbone of a local or regional Maker community. By providing a safe, welcoming space full of trained and passionate staff, Makerspaces offer Makers (new and old) the chance to hone their skills, meet peers, and use equipment they otherwise would never be able to access.

However, getting started with a Makerspace is hard – both monetarily and from the planning perspective. We’re here to help! The following are some of our initiatives and resources aimed at making it easier, faster, and safer to start and run a Makerspace:

DIY Makerspace Videos – ISAM 2017GET THE ONE PAGER

Thinking about making tutorial videos for your Makerspace? Take some tips from the pros! We’re happy to share our knowledge as you get off the ground – check out our video from ISAM 2017, or just grab our one-page summary of the 6 most important tips for great makerspace videos here. 

Find a Makerspace – Get Your Space Listed!

Beauty and the Bolt maintains a detailed, searchable list of Makerspaces across the US and the world. By applying to be listed in our directory, you are creating a link to potential users, and with other Makerspaces in your region and country, by providing accessible information about your hours, pricing, equipment, ADA accessibility, and more.

We only list Makerspaces that can show a history of safe and responsible operation. Spaces can be for-profit or non-profit, as long as all pricing and membership details are readily accessible. Beauty and the Bolt also selects and lists “Recommended for Kids” Makerspaces from our directory – these are spaces that have gone the extra mile to make their space accessible and useable for children and young adults. Our Directory is visible here. If you are interested in being listed either in the directory or as a “Recommended for Kids” space, fill out our application!

Bulk Kits and Supplies – Offer Tutorial-Based Projects for Any Age or Skill Level

Often all that is needed to make a user comfortable in your Makerspace is the chance to get their hands dirty and make something. The same goes for building confidence on new machines, or tackling a whole new topic in Making like electronics. To make these things easier, Beauty and the Bolt offers comprehensive hardware and software kits to makerspaces. These kits include all the materials and parts needed to complete the projects seen in our videos. For newer spaces or for large-group events, we also offer all-inclusive MakerPax with all materials, tools, safety gear and more.

We also offer the opportunity for spaces to request new kits for certain skills or machines! Want a custom project that helps make your space shine or ties in with a special event? We can make that happen! Our custom kits require a lead time of 1 month for production, so contact us in advance!

All Makerspace kits also include DVDs and downloads of the necessary tutorials, so you can host them on devices in your space without the need for internet access. You can also project the tutorials for a large group to follow along with together!

Currently all kits are only available in quantities greater than 5. Large or recurring orders can also include distribution centers and POS equipment to help get your kit sales up and running! Contact us for more details or a quote for your space!\

Digital Curriculum – Learn to Make at Home or at Your Local Makerspace

Our primary initiative and purpose is the creation of an accessible and comprehensive digital curriculum teaching anyone to make the things of their dreams, while learning STEAM in the process. Through our Youtube channel (, its possible for users in your space to directly engage with our team as they follow along on our tutorials, projects, and more. Our curriculum  – and all supplemental materials available on our site – is absolutely free to use, whether its by a user alone, a public or private event, or even by Makerspaces as part of their official training program.

We also offer customized videos for individual Makerspaces, including YOUR branding, contact info, added text, or resource links. This makes it easier for your users to find what they need in a jiffy! Custom videos can be purchased individually or in bulk from our video library. Contact us for a quote for your use case!

Makerspace 101 – Getting Your Space Off the Drawing Board  (In Development, release in 2018)

Need some help getting your space started? We’re working on creating a comprehensive guide to starting a Makerspace in your community – especially with a budget in mind. We’re also working to incorporate best practices from nationally recognized spaces, and provide contact information for experts who have successfully built their spaces from scratch! Look for this upcoming content in mid-2018!