Free is great  – especially when free helps you do awesome things! Check out our list of software that can help you do anything from designing circuits to programming robots to drawing stuff for the laser cutter. Every one of the software links below has been checked off by BATB – and we’ll make sure to keep them updated for you!

In addition to the links, we’re working to make sure there’s a Getting Started tutorial for each software below! With a little bit of help, we’ll have you up and making in no time without breaking the bank!

Software Category Tutorials What’s It Do?
Arduino IDE
Coding None Yet Write and upload code for almost any beginner (or even advanced) hardware project. Comes with tons of coding samples, and almost any question can be answered with a quick Google.
123D Make
3D Printing None Yet The simplest way to get started 3D printing – design almost anything from scratch, or remix 1000s of existing designs. Compatible with most popular 3D printers, making it easy to turn your dreams into reality.

Makerbot Print
3D Printing None Yet The 3D printer management and slicing software for all MakerBot 3D printers. Lets you set up print jobs, estimate print times, and layout your printing buildplate plans.
Laser Cutting None Yet Make vector art (like you need for Laser Cutters) quickly and for free! Freehand, pen, and text options available – plus SVG exporting so you can share on the web! A free and easy alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.