Here at Beauty and the Bolt, we think the key to making our mission of helping teach engineering to anyone is working together! We want to build a community of makers, designers, engineers, and fellow weirdos to help us create incredible content and change the face of education. There are 3 main ways you can help support Beauty and the Bolt:


Donate $$

We wouldn’t be able to make the content we do without the support of viewers, schools, companies, and everyone else who sponsors our efforts. Every cent counts – you can donate directly to us using the link below. If you’d like to officially become a sponsor of Beauty and the Bolt, shoot us an email at We look forward to working with you!

Donate Now


Send Us Things

Everyone on our team here at BATB is a maker of some sort – which means we love pretty much any kind of random stuff: old stuff, new stuff, red stuff, blue stuff. If you have materials that can help us with projects, old tools to shore up our teaching supplies, or even obscure mechanical devices from your uncles garage, we’ll take it! We’ll be sure to give you a shout out on the show, and may even make a special episode for extra-cool finds! Send us an email at to get the ball rolling!



Beauty and the Bolt is made possible by incredible volunteers from throughout our community. We are constantly in search of creative, passionate individuals willing to give up their weekends to educate others. Information about all of our volunteer positions is available at our Volunteer Portal. There are three main ways you can volunteer, depending on your availability, location, and level of commitment desired:

Volunteer Intern – 10-20 Hrs/Week, Must be Located in Cleveland

Every spring and fall, we work to hire a handful of truly incredible makers and creative professionals who serve as the backbone of our day to day operations. Volunteer interns take part in a comprehensive application, interview, and training process, then step into the field with Xyla and Andrew to make BATB happen. Applicants should be aware that they will likely have significant screen time on our YouTube channel, and will be responsible for creating custom educational content on their own. Additional information, including applications, compensation and benefit details, is available at our Volunteer Portal.

Volunteer Mentor – 1 or More Saturdays/Month, Must be Located in Northeast Ohio

Teaching large numbers of students about STEAM requires large numbers of volunteers! Our Volunteer Mentors are individuals who are interested in teaching children, young adults, and others the basics of Making at one of our in-person mobile classroom dates  throughout Northeast Ohio. Full training is provided for all volunteers, and meals are provided during while volunteering. Additional information and applications are available at our Volunteer Portal.

Video Review Team – 1 Hr/Week, All Online!

Each time we make a new video, we work with our VRC to make it the best it can be! Be the first people to see our rough video cuts, help us catch mistakes before we publish, and streamline the videos so they’re both educational and entertaining. As an added bonus, you get to see our VIP Outtakes reels from each video, as well as a custom Beauty and the Bolt “VLT” T-Shirt to thank you for your help!  Additional information and applications are available at our Volunteer Portal.