We try to make sure that most of our tutorials only use material and tools you have around your home. That doesn’t mean that having access to some more resources wouldn’t be nice sometimes! That’s where Hackerspaces came in: they’re places with tools, equipment, materials, and sometimes even free training to help you get your projects done. We’re working on a massive list of the best hackerspaces all around the world – you can use the map to find the space closest to you!

Our directory includes dedicated public hackerspaces, libraries with Maker resources, Fab Labs, and even private spaces with membership fees. Search for the spaces nearest to you on the map, or filter using the tags provided. A few very special locations are also marked as “Recommended” by Beauty and the Bolt – these are locations that have exceptional training available, are free, and are dedicated to helping anyone become involved in making. If you host or run a makerspace that meets those criteria, fill out our application form to start the process of becoming a recommended site!

This list is always growing with the help of our community! Let us know if you find anywhere awesome that we’ve missed!


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